“I’d like to go out and have some breakfast,” I thought. But as I got dressed it became increasingly apparent that I really needed to do laundry. I put together a cute outfit with the intent of going out anyway, and then opened up the to-do list to tell my later self to consider this as an Important Tast That Needs Doing.
Upon thus escalating laundry from “a thing I do while procrastinating on Real Tasks” to a


with a checkbox and everything, I found myself suddenly compelled to just

  • Do your laundry. It is past time.

All the scattered thoughts that nornally occupy my mind fled, and the whole of my consciousness was dedicated to

  • put a load in the washer as quick as possible so I can get on with doing what I actually want to do

I felt like I was two beings at that point: a sack of meat with a set of desires and a consciousness, and a secondary electronic consciousness that it had set up to tend to its longer plans. And the external me reacted with utter disdain to treating “laundry” as something at that level: Consciousness is a privilege, not a right, Meatsack, and if you can’t get these few basic support tasks done it will be revoked until you do them. 

When I had my brain back, I thought of Manfred Mancx in the first chapter of Stross’s Accelerando. And his system of self-notifications and alerts so complicated that when someone else stole his smartglasses, they began to become him. 

Suddenly that seemed less implausible.

  1. Stuff like this is why I wrote a simple RSS-based notification thing:

    but it helps that I always stay on top of my RSS feeds, and also I’m bad about actually following through on most of the things it reminds me to do (but having the background noise constantly reminding me to do stuff is sorta helpful I guess).

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