Owning my tools.


There we go. No more creepy drowned corpses staring at me when I boot my computer up any more. And the real version number instead of the marketing number – I started with Illustrator 8, and I kinda like that reminder that I’ve been using this program that long.

If you want to use this, grab the high-res version and the low-res version, then right-click on Illustrator in the finder, select ‘show contents’, then drop them into contents/resources. You might want to rename Adobe’s ai_cc_splash.png and [email protected] before you do this, just in case it bitches come update time.

If you’d rather drop in your own art then you can grab my Illustrator file and go to town. If you keep the ‘type hider’ layer as-is then it’ll hide the credit for the person who drew the original splash screen by putting the same color behind that text.

(The image is a very orange icon I drew for someone a while back, with a few effects added here and there.)

  1. Of course, now we’ll probably find that Adobe drops a new splash screen with every point-update of every Creative Cloud tool. Possibly change the proportions too, whilst they’re at it. We’ll see.

    I’m no longer on Windows, but I’m guessing you can do the same trick over on there, just do a search for ‘ai_cc_splash’ to find where they’re located.

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