zero spoons


I should be drawing Rita.

I should be doing my laundry.

I should be going to trapeze class this evening.

I should be doing the daily exercise I decided I need to get back into the habit of.

I should be experimenting with a new store site that approached me.

I should be packaging up the Tarot deck order that came in right after I fulfilled the last two orders.

But I still have the tail end of this stupid cold I caught on my trip. All that shit can wait. Who wants to come over and cook something healthy and tasty for me.

(Technique note: this was an attempt at a different approach to how I did that ‘witchsona’ piece yesterday. I tried playing with spot colors and overprint. But it completely fell apart when I exported the image, so I shrugged and switched it back to using multiply mode, and didn’t bother fixing up the weirdnesses this resulted in.)


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