No, not mine. Steve and Jeff’s. I went to a beautiful park I didn’t know about – and will have to visit again sometime soon before summer ends – and watched them become husbands. It was romantic, and it was also succinct. Which is kinda always a plus in weddings IMHO.

Afterwards, half the wedding party helped break down the tents, then everyone descended upon a very charming little art studio/party hall for the reception.

As the two artists in attendance, Ursula Husted and I got drafted to perform the ceremonial desecration of the new couple’s car. We were handed a box of pens that write on glass and directions to it. Here are some terrible photos of my side, paint on glass is really hard to capture!



When we got back the party was winding down. We had of course waited for the cake before doing this sneaky mission. I ended up dancing quite obscenely with Rowyn and Sasta; at this point I think it’s inevitable that someone will want to coax me to strut my stuff after all this dirty dance class.

And now I think I will walk home and be lazy for the rest of the evening. Maybe order in.

I dunno. Weddings make me feel really grown up somehow, now.





edit. Rowyn tweeted a photo of the drivers side art in action. n.n


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