A Kickstarter tip.

When ramping up to a Kickstarter campaign, and while running it, back a few other projects. Nothing crazy, you don’t need more than the “give me the thing you’re making” level. Some in the same territory and scope as your project, some a bit outside.

This will get you cool stuff, of course. But just as importantly it will give you a sense of proportion. You’ll have irregular updates from other people about their troubles fabbing umpty-leven programmable rave bracelets, discovering that they left out a page when they assembled the book, finding a glaring typo in the middle of their cool poster, realizing they undercalculated international shipping costs on their book, etc, etc.

If everything about your project goes off without a hitch, you get to feel ahead of the game. If things go awry you’ll feel like less of a dolt when you see other project’s delays. And their updates will remind you how long it’s been since YOUR last update.

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