fitness status: improving

I feel like the pole dance class is really starting to have an effect. Yesterday and today, when I look in the mirror, I now see a waist that is slightly slimmer than the ribcage above it, and the swell of hips beneath it. My weight has not really budged at all – I was 162±2 when I started, and I’m still 162±2 now depending on how much I ate last night – but I don’t feel like ten pounds of that is in the form of flab on my midsection. It’s turned into muscle again.

It’s not a big change but it does wonders for my self-confidence to know that the shape of my waist pretty unambiguously says “female”. Passing is still 90% above the neck but body silhouette says a lot too!

Having the pull-up bar in the bathroom door is also definitely doing something. By being able to just casually make a few attempts at a pull-up several times a day, I’ve gotten to the point where I can pretty reliably lift myself up, get my eyes above the bar, then set myself back down on the ground. All in a slow, controlled fashion with relaxed legs. Sometimes I can also bring my head down below the bar and back up a couple times before setting down again. I can’t really go all the way down to the ground and right back up again, but I’m sure that’s coming soon.

Anyway. I gotta go acquire some breakfast, then sit down with the proofs for the second attempt at printing Rita 2.

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