Op Witch

witchsona The Tumblrs tell me that this is the week to draw your #witchsona. So here is mine.

Most people are doing crazy fantasy witches for this so far – crystal witches, animal witches, plant witches, whatever. Not me. That’s my real hat, complete with holographic eye. That’s a dress I own. That’s my magic wand – it’s plastic, filled with glitter stars suspended in some kind of liquid. That’s the dragon that hangs in my entryway, guarding it. That’s the ankle boots I wear most days. That’s the tattoo of dragon wings that stretches from one elbow to the other, barely hinted at here. Not shown: the fabulous black coat with firey gleaming eyes for buttons, or the Tarot deck I drew a couple years back. Kids ask me if I’m a witch sometimes. I always tell them yes. If you stare long enough at this drawing you may begin to see it bubble and boil with magic.

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