cuddles are the best medicine

Oh man that helped SO MUCH. After a couple of plaintive HELP IM A SAD SICK DRAGON WHO NEEDS PETTING emails yesterday, when I was in a bad pit of being sick and making it worse because I didn’t want to get out of bed to even get a glass of water, much less eat, Nick decided to risk getting this con crud and came over to pet me for a while today. We spent several hours just curled up in the giant bean bag in the living room while he petted me and talked about various stuff, and I just curled up and tried not to cough on him too much. I asked him a couple of semi-useful questions about the game idea he was talking about at a few points; it’s one he’s been working on for a while, that’s really starting to sound like a playable thing now.

I really hope his reward for this valiant act of rescuing a dragon in distress is not a case of this con crud. We were both pretty sad that he couldn’t stay for the night to keep me warm and happy in bed, but… I think that would have boosted the chance of him catching this thing to pretty much assured, and I don’t want to wish this on him if I can help it. (And if he did get it, well he actually lives with other people who he can make do things like “get orange juice pleeease”. I will still feel terrible though.)

Also: first new page of Rita showing up tomorrow. Wahoo.

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