ugh, schedule broken.

Last night: stayed up until 4AM fucking with some Skyrim mods. Mostly this one, also the beginning of this one.

Tonight: stayed up until 4AM lounging in the big purple beanbag chair in the living room eating cookies, poking at the internet, and drawing a naked picture of my dragon avatar with hooves. [NSFW: titties]

Well I guess that’s marginally better? I am so totally not gonna make yoga tomorrow morning. Today. Whatever. It’s not tomorrow until I sleep.

Ah well, at least I spent about four hours in Illustrator according to Time Sink; I got the map for the back of Rita 2 done. I just need to add one thing to the stuff surrounding it, and draw one last backer, then it’s ready to send to the printer. Hopefully I can make spending about that much time working a regular thing again; it’d be nice to start making dents in my to-do list again. Winter, feh.

map teaser fragment

map teaser fragment

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