Kickstarter 100%

So the Kickstarter for Rita 2 funded tonight while I was kicking back and playing Saint's Row 4. I feel pretty good about this; it took me a little less than half the campaign to make what it took me a whole month to sllloooowwly crawl up to last time. I've got a few stretch goals but I'm really just gonna let it be for a few days, and spend time working on the last couple pages of the comic and some short story side things. (Backup for P, SP collab(s), HM/DA proposal, maybe some lingering commissions even, those would be nice to get out of the way for once and for all)

I'd sent out a few more publicity requests; those will probably show up in the next week if at all, and we'll see how much of a boost they give me. KickTraq is currently projecting a final range between 10k-17k, really anywhere in there would be pretty amazing but enough to print it is all I wanted. More will be lagniappe.

I'm glad to be able to stop worrying about it, really. I don't like who I kinda have to turn into during a Kickstarter campaign. Now I can go back to being this relatively quiet lady who draws comics.

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