also, pinball

Here's some photos of a few of the pinball machines I saw the other night. This guy bought a ton of single-word domains at the dawn of the web, and has been slowly selling them off for large sums of money. He currently owns a former church; it's a nondescript building somewhere in New Orleans (I'm not sure if I should say exactly where) that's chock full of lovingly restored pinball machines – something like, um, 40-50 machines, ranging through the entire history of the game. The collection includes some ultra-rare prototypes, like one Williams game called Taxi. And a couple of token video games, including a Tempest, which I gravitated to. I discovered that being able to kick ass at Space Giraffe does little for being able to kick ass at Tempest, especially when the dial judders a lot and slows down way too fast.

I also remembered that I am an utter nerd; most of the machines were off when Lewis and I got there. The Williams game got powered up while I was in another part of the room; I heard its sound effects and instantly said “I hear a Williams video game!”. I think it is arguable that I spent entirely too much time playing video games in the eighties.


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