Man I have had so little energy lately. I’ve been trying to use what little I have on things that’ll give me more – namely getting some exercise in my life again – but it is seriously an uphill climb. I’m seriously thinking I should try getting a couple fake sun lights, one for the bedroom to wake me up in the morning, one for the studio to use all day, and see if that puts more spring in my step.

I mean, really. Stuff done today: Broke down some boxes that’re left over from the Kickstarter and com prep, felt overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to take them out to the trash bin out back. What if it’s full? COMPLICATIONS. Went out to a cafe with the intent of working on one of my con commissions, seized up at the thought of drawing TEH FURREH where anyone might conceivably see it even though this was a completely clean piece (or I wouldn’t have taken it to the cafe in the first place), read Internet for an hour. Came home and played a video game, time for bed now I guess. This is just not a good place to be.

I am pretty sure that Winter Is Getting Me Down.

The game I played was “Ms. ‘Splosion Man”, which is obviously the sequel to “‘Splosion Man”. The latter was a pretty fun and clever platformer. But the sequel? Gaaah. It starts off with a set-piece that involves far too much timing and not enough blowing shit up, then the second level is also super-slow and really doesn’t give you any of the platformy explodey stuff that made the original so much fun. It starts to get better once it goes back to just doing wall-jumps and blowing lots of stuff up, but all the random chatter from your character feels like it’s written by guys who have had no ladies in their life ever except for their annoying sister who tried to be a Valley Girl in the eighties. Not recommended, though I might play a fair chunk of it anyway.

I mean, I guess I should sort of be expecting a broad female caricature when the only things that distinguish Ms. from Mr. are being pink and having a bow. There’s clearly some self-awareness here. But it just doesn’t come off anywhere near as charming as the happy idiot you piloted around in ‘Splosion Man. He didn’t talk about shopping. Or pick up secret hidden bonus shoes instead of secret hidden bonus cake.

To bed, to bed, hopefully to have more energy tomorrow though the forecast suggests not.

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