cons, 2013

Something I posted in a ‘what cons are you doing?’ thread in a new webcomics creation board. I figured I should put it here too, for my edification and for yours.

My current con schedule for this coming year:

January – Further Confusion, down in San Francisco. Because I am still a goddamn furry after all these years. And furries know how to party. I did a bunch of art for the con this year, too, including the website. Definitely dealing there.

February – Foolscap, a little sf/fantasy con here in Seattle. I did some art for this con too because a friend is this year’s con chair. Might artist’s alley, or I might not – it’s not really a Buyin’ Stuff kind of con. I probably need to get some new art printed for the show there though.

March – Emerald City Comic-Con, for the first time. I’m sharing a booth with a friend who’s also doing it for the first time. And oh god it’s in March I need to start getting my banners and suchlike together oh fuck me harder. This’ll be my first time dealing outside of the familiar little pond of furry; I’m really trying to expand out of that scene this year.

I might also exhibit some art at Norwescon at the end of March (Seattle SF con), it’s not really a place to deal or alley IMHO.

July – Anthrocon, where I’ll be dealing. I get a few people asking if I’ll be there every year, I figure I’ll see if there’s enough of my fans and potential new fans there to make it worth the trip across the country to Pittsburgh.

September – Rainfurrest, the local Seattle furry con. Wait didn’t I say I was hoping to expand out of the furry scene? That’s three furry cons in one year. Whatever, I still have friends I only see at the furry cons, and furries know how to party. Ain’t many other places you can dress up in a costume that sketches a cartoon animal in EL wire and dance until 3AM.

I’m also maybe thinking of doing APE down in SF in October, I was planning to do it this year but Shit Happened. Also maybe thinking of trying the local indy comics festival – Short Run, also in October. Depends on how it schedules against APE and if my buddy Gabe does APE again and is willing to share a room. I should also maybe see if he’s doing Wondercon again and maybe hit that at the end of March. Which probably obliviates doing Norwes’ art show unless I persuade someone to be my agent.

Holy fuck that’s a lot of cons. How did this happen. Oh right I’m trying to go “pro” or some shit like that.

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