too slow a day, even if it is a weekend

I woke up at around 4AM from a dream. I didn’t note down much, except that it involved Nick and I in some kind of post-apocalypse scenario, and he was talking about making a game based on this sitcom about a robot. Suddenly, the dream just… stopped very distinctly, and I was awake. Weird. I puttered around the net with the iPad for a while, then went back to sleep.

When I got up, I had a real hard time getting started. Maybe I’m all tired from getting the fourth chunk of my tattoo done yesterday? I figure having four needles being repeatedly jammed into your skin for a couple hours is going to annoy your body some, I dunno. I didn’t have a headache so I don’t think it was a hangover from the beer over dinner last night. For whatever reason, I just lounged around all day until my mother called to tell me that she’s back in her place in New Orleans, with power restored a little earlier in the day.

I talked to her about bits of stuff, and asked her to please send me a photo of her for the sponsor page of the Rita book (yes, she’s one of them). She’d replied to the original request with something like “You know what I look like!” – which I do, but not well enough to feel like I can knock out a decent portrait of her without reference! She suggested that I just look in the mirror and add a few decades, and I was like, no, really, I don’t think either of us will like how that comes out, please send me a photo. We tried to dig up a picture from the webpage of an organization whose board of directors she’s on, but they just have a text list now.

Thinking about that made me decide to get things ready for doing those drawings, as I’d been hoping to do today. So I went through my e-mail, found all the pictures people sent me, and dropped them into an Illustrator document next to their names. One other person hadn’t sent any that I could find, but luckily I’m friended to her on Facebook and snagged her profile pics to work fro. There’s going to end up being three drawings of people’s furry characters in here, and I’m fine with that!

I figure that now that I’m actually pondering work, finally, instead of lying around with the iPad and the internet, I may as well grab the computer, go out somewhere, and try to get some of these things drawn. If not today then they’re certainly at the top of the task list for tomorrow.

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