The Exterior View

“It’s all in your head; you just have no idea how big your head is.” – Lon Milo Duquette

In certain magical operations that I have been doing regularly, it is useful to visualize yourself as bigger than the entire universe. So I did a drawing of Soror Fututum Stella to help me solidify this feeling.


Twin is a sentient black hole. (She) would prefer not to eat you, but if (she) suddenly starts feeling very downhill from you, it is a good idea to be on your best behavior.

In (her) retirement (she) has developed a bit of a drinking habit.

(Today I read some discussion of MUDs and found myself thinking about the SF furry RP MUCK Puzzlebox, where Twin manifested a little after the turn of the century. Later on I ended up living with Puzzlebox’s head wizards, and am pretty much married to one of them at this point. My life would have been very different without being bent around Twin’s presence. So I decided to draw (her) and this is what came out.)

(Also fwiw, Twin generally shapes (her) event horizon into a form that is functionally neuter, but socially femme. Hence the parenthetical pronouns.)

Illustrator, about 1h.

Optional Secret Ending

This week’s Twitter meme: Post an image of yourself as a final boss without downloading any more pics.

Drawing one on the same computer you post it from counts as “not downloading”, right?

I hope you like dodging bullets and have a really tiny hitbox. You’re gonna need one.

Illustrator, 1.5h. No sketch. Just shapes.

The Path of Beauty and Spendour

The Path of Beauty and Spendour

night sky star shine

evening slow and long

incense out, swirl and ponder

see what shapes become

So lately I’ve been doodling this jackal lady with stars in her hair and her fur, and snakes in her heart and soul. She might be me. She might not be me. I haven’t decided.

Tonight I idly looked at Deviantart and pondered their current contest/advertising campaign, where one is asked to draw an “Art-vatar”: “an artistic alter ego that uses unconventional tools for their masterpiece”. And for once, the whim took me to actually do this. Two hours of fiddling around in Illustrator later, this came out.

She is currently known as Soror Fututum Stella, and all the other drawings of her so far are pretty smutty.


There is a Windows laptop that sits on my SO’s desk. It really serves one purpose: to be a time clock for their day job. Work sent it, and it is what they have to use to connect to the time clock to record their hours.

Mostly it just sits there idle, with the default startup screen: the time, and a Scenic Photo of the Day.

Yesterday I passed by and realized, wait, that’s a familiar place. I looked closer. It was City Park in New Orleans; a dramatic photo of the sun rising or setting over a footbridge that I’ve crossed many times. I know exactly where to stand to get that view. I’ve seen it many times when I cross another nearby footbridge if I’m taking the shortest walking route from my home to the coffee shop in the park.

And somehow that felt really weird. It’s always some gorgeous, far-away place on that screen. Never one I know. But, oh yeah. I’m from a gorgeous, mythical place that has songs written about longing to be there. I’m from a strange, exotic tourist destination.

  1. And I feel really really lucky that when I gave up trying to get by in one Big City after another – Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle – I could come back home to this lazy little town, full of beauty and strangeness.

The Archangel Dragons Of The Directions: Gabriel

I have been commissioned to do a set of illustrations of the dragonsonas of the angels one calls upon during the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, if one is a neophyte in a magical system derived from the Golden Dawn documents. This is the second one. There will be at least two more.

Gabriel is the Lord of Paradise, the Serpents, and the Cherubim. She rules the Water signs of the Zodiac, and is the angel of the purple sphere of Yesod on the Tree of Life. She is helpful in matters of emotional healing, finding love and peace, finding strength in the middle chaos, and gaining insight through both dreams and one’s Third Eye.

She carries a chalice, so as to remind you that this direction is associated with the suit of Cups.

Her nametag, if you look at it from another angle, may show names like Nyx or Nut or Luna or perhaps even Hecate. And without the overlay of the Water of the South she is purple, silver, and black.

(Note: Safari and Chrome don’t seem to want to display her colors with the proper intense blue. Firefox does. Perhaps someday I will find the proper color profile incantations to remedy this without bloating this from about 400k to 700k in the process. In the meantime, if you want this to properly massage your visual cortex, then look at it on Firefox.)


I was feeling a little blocked on this for a while. Until the day when I got a little baked, did the morning Lesser Invocation Of The Pentagram, and asked Gabriel to hang out and help inspire me to finish this. On a Monday. Which is… the day associated with the Moon, and thus the best day for doing magic connected with it, according to all my books. And time sure did fly while I was going from “this is just plain wrong and I will never finish it” to “time flew by and now it’s done and makes me really happy”. There’s a few tweaks to this image I might want to make before I call this whole set done, but she feels more than sufficiently complete for now.

Very Controlled

I just finished this commission that’s been lingering all month. Hooray!


Noelle is a very good pony who enjoys taking opportunities to let other people tell her what to do and think. It’s a nice break from reality.

some horny commissions

And here’s the horny commissions I did over the past month. I get the most beautifully strange jobs sometimes.

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a couple of commissions

Here’s some of the stuff I drew in exchange for money over the last month.

This is a caricature of Matthew “Troubadork” Legare, enthusiastically performing Comedy And Music and maybe even Comedy Music at the Renfest. The hat is based on one he has in reality.

Don’t you just hate it when you find a gorgeously-decorated bottle that turns out to be an empty genie bottle when you finally get it open? And then suddenly it’s full of genie, which is to say full of you?

Wait, I mean love. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting turned into a gorgeous genie with the power to grant anyone’s wishes they wanted?

The Archangel Dragons Of The Directions: Raphael

I have been commissioned to do a set of illustrations of the dragonsonas of the angels one calls upon during the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, if one is a neophyte in a magical system derived from the Golden Dawn documents. This is the first one. There will be at least three more.

Raphael is the Lord of the Spirits of Man. He rules the Air signs of the zodiac, and is also the angel of the golden sphere of Tiphareth in the middle of the Tree of Life. He is helpful in matters of transmitting ideas, safe travels, healing, and the intellect.

He carries a caudceus, despite this direction, element, and color scheme being associated with the Tarot suit of Swords.

If you look at him from the right angle sometimes he has a hat that looks like a pie-plate with wings on it, and a nametag that says “HELLO MY NAME IS HERMES”, with the name crossed out and RAPHAEL written below it. Whenever I ask him about it, he just waggles his eyebrows suggestively and makes the Sign of Harpocrates at me. Sometimes he makes suggestive gestures with his caudceus, too. Maybe you’ll get a straighter answer out of him. Ask him about that caudceus while you’re at it, he’ll probably make some interesting reading material start showing up in your life regarding the snakes that snooze deep inside you.