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  1. Ah, my eyes go all squinty to try to read the text of the book to see if Absynthe left her note in a poignant page.

    P.S. “Sorry about the relics and stuff.” Abby’s s’s look like g’s and possibly vice versa. My brother does that, drives me nuts.

    • Poignant? Nah. It’s part of a bit of Cthulhu porn I wrote a while back.

      We were thinking of using these pages to slip in a bit of backstory that would be important at the end of the story, but it really just felt more natural for Absinthe to pass her message to Hester in the lurid tentacle fetish book she was wanking off to last night!

      • Ah, thanks! I was wondering what the text actually was. The phrase ‘The flesh beneath her coat was faintly squamous’ stood out particularly (not just as one of the few fully-readable sentences).

        Will you have any higher-resolution pics available, for anyone who might want to zoom in to catch all the details? I thinking not just of stuff like the book here, but cityscapes and all that. Vector art is scalable, but it might mean more work on the site than is really necessary.

        • Wanting to see all the details will be part of the motivation for people to buy the print version, when we make it! *grin* Or to buy the high-res PDF.

  2. Oh, ouch. Way to cover your tracks, kid, do something that’ll get half the region and most of the surrounding city mad at you…

  3. I read this and just got a chuckle out of it. My first thought went to a very old line from an older game: “Time Bomb set. Get out. Fast!”

    Way to go out in the wake of a good pun.

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