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    • It’s kind of the difference between being a butler and “only following orders” – there’s the possibility of doing things he’s pretty sure the person he’s serving will like.

      Also, we just wanted to appropriate the idea of having different parts wind up separately from Tik-Tok.

  1. Still loving the dialog here. Though the handwriting font is ambiguious again… ‘Oh, you’re /big/’? I /think/ that’s what it says.

    Also love the artistic trick of having the first few panels actually in the picture frames on the walls (or mirrors). Beautiful!

    It’s fun that’s somewhat ambiguous whose what is going in where. :-}

  2. Agreed. Only complaint would be “big” because that’s clearly not what it actually says. Looks more like “brgs”. Lovely as usual, otherwise. 🙂

    • Yeah, the artist has had a sound flogging talking-to about the importance of closing her g’s. *grin* Thanks for the feedback!

    • And now I know that Comic Press doesn’t like strikethrough tags. 🙂 “Flogging” was supposed to be crossed-out as a joke.

      Yeah, that’s right. A joke. *innocent smile*

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