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  1. Their smiles in the last panel gives a kinda ‘creepy/mischevious’ vibe that either indicates much sex or no-good-happenings.

    Knowing Absinthe, it’ll probably be both. =^.^=

  2. I’ve never seen a sex face. The face of a person who knows they’re going to have sex with you. If that’s what it looks like, I think I’d be a little creeped out about it.

    • Dammit, now you’ve got ME started!

      Hmm, and given that John Simm was partial inspiration for Inspector Kaese… and ONLY socialized broadcasting would touch an offense to public morals like Five Glasses… I guess we have to assume this would be a BBC production.

      Eddie Izzard as Governor Silonje.

      Sue Perkins (of the 99p Challenge) as Absinthe.

      Hmm, nobody coming to mind for Hester, but I’d like to cast a black actress…

  3. As Hester? Hmm… I would have heard it the other way round – Hester seems a little older and no-nonsense, or at least that’s the impression I have so far.

    Ins. Kaese I think of as sounding like a cop from an old black-and-white comedy. But now you mention it…

    “This is going to look very bad on your arrest record…”

    • Oh, Kaese? He’s totally inspired by Sam Tyler from Life on Mars, yeah. So in a way, he is descended from the British vaudeville Bobbie stereotype. (You’ll even get to see him do a bit of Proper Gentlemanly Fisticuffs in the next chapter!) And a bit of Huckleberry Hound. And our excessively polite Canadian boyfriend. 😀

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