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  1. Gawwwww poor coongirl. She looks all sad, yes very fetching with her…hmm….we’ll call it targetting boobies dress. ^.^

  2. I very much like how this page, more than any other, is basically a gigantic sign saying, “The colours are important to the story, bitches!”

    I’m still not totally settled on which page most says, “The boots are important to the raccoon… bitches!”

    • Yeah, I think there was a certain breakthrough point where Egypt and I decided, in our own little ways, FUCK REALISM for the purpose of this comic. The more I look at our source material, the more I think this was a good idea. ^_^

        • Short form: “Magic”.

          Long form: We do have a cosmology worked out for this world but we may not ever reveal it until the sequel – which will get started sometime in 2012 or so if we’re lucky. For now just think of this as “fantasy” and treat it with the lack of scientific rigor you would something about wizards casting spells at dragons.

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