9 thoughts on “1 20

  1. Progressing commendably, dears! The writing and art contain very well the fast progression of the story. Also for some reason I really like Absinthe’s neck in panel 3.

    • It was somewhere around these pages that I realized I have finally become casually competent at the harder-than-you’d-think under-the-chin view!

  2. She’s grinning in every panel. She seems so totally ecstatic.

    Kinda makes ya think, doesn’t it. I feel kinda bad for her. O:)

    • Oh yes, she’s far too confident and self-assured. But then that’ll change, won’t it? You’re the author, you would know. 😀

  3. …I’m honestly curious to know why she blew up a library, since it obviously didn’t mean anything to her, one way or the other….

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