Five Glasses of Absinthe

is published Mondays and Wednesdays, barring crises.

The story will span five chapters of about 30 pages each.

Cast of Characters

  • The Thief.

    Absinthe is a child of the skylands, exiled to Wormwood a decade ago. She is a thief and a scoundrel. This is the story of her big score, the one that will let her go back home.

  • The Inspector.

    Inspector Kaese is dedicated to upholding the law of Wormwood. Unfortunately for him, he seems to have fallen in love with Absinthe.

  • The Governor.

    In the freebooter skylands, the ‘governor’ is mostly the person who throws the best parties, and smooths over the pirates’ arguments. Governor Silónja has these skills in spades.

  • The Archivist.

    Hester thinks Absinthe’s stolen prize is the key to her faction of Wormwood’s government seizing control… and that their old ties will let her get it.

  • The Kilt.

    Mr. Franklin has a lot of power on the skylands – and a very good reason for his grudge against Absinthe.

  • The Heavy.

    So does Ben’s grand-daughter Lexie.

  • The Wind-Up Boy.

    He’s part of the accouterments of the Governor’s mansion. Isn’t he pretty? They only wind him up for parties.

  • Grandma.

    All that remains of Ms. Franklin. She doesn’t hold a grudge but Ben and Lexie sure do.

Nick and Peggy

About the Authors

Five Glasses of Absinthe is by Margaret Trauth and Nick Brienza. She draws, he writes. They lived in a messy apartment in Boston with their boyfriend while chapter 1 was made, and now live separately in Seattle.

Margaret was born in New Orleans in 1971, and spent the later half of her twenties at Spümcø, becoming bitter about the animation industry. You can see more of her art at her website.

Nick was born in Ohio. He has escaped successfully.

The comic is primarily drawn in Adobe Illustrator, over scans of large pencil roughs. Behind the scenes, the pages are served up by WordPress with a custom variant of the Comicpress theme. All site design is by Margaret.