probably cancelled, sorry

I just broke up with Nick for the second time in four months. I really have no idea if I’m ever going to be in the kind of relationship where I’m comfortable collaborating with him ever again.

I originally said “hey let’s do a comic together” to try and cheer him up and make him feel good about his creative skills. It was fun. I would never have gotten through more than a couple of pages without him to help; his plotting and dialogue is worlds better than mine. We made a pretty good creative team.

Hopefully what I learnt working with him will make it easier to do solo projects in the future. Right now I don’t fucking know at all. I just know that I can’t see myself carrying this on without him.

If there’s any interest I might write up a brief synopsis of what we had planned for the remaining four chapters. It hurts a hell of a lot to cancel this; I had a great time drawing it, and I hope you folks had a great time reading what got made.

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